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Online Writing Samples

Specialty areas include health, science and technology.

Many writing projects included in my resume are only available in print or are not available online because of copyright restrictions. Please feel free to request additional samples to be sent as print or PDF files.

Value-Based Cancer Care

$3 Million To Toss a Life Ring?

An Early Look at New Drugs on the Horizon

Linked Databases, Health IT, and Informatics Essential for CER and Personalized Medicine


"Meet the Microbes" section describes types of microbes, what they do and where they live.

The Photo Gallery has brief descriptions of the Citizens of Microbeland.

Maryland Public Television
Newsnight Maryland

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Planetary alignment             High-speed ferries
Fibroids                                Bald Eagles
Preakness                            Bay Grasses
Solar Power                         2001 Legislative Wrapup
Students' Rights                  Classroom Computers

National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications
Office of Science and Technology Policy
Executive Office of the President

Samples from the HPCC "Blue Books" (annual reports to Congress) are still online. Formatting was virtually non-existent in those days, however, as was software to optimize images.

Select portions include:

1994 scenarios for the Year 2K in:
High Performance Living Today and Tomorrow, including Buying a Car in the Year 2000.

1993 case studies such as:
Design and Simulation of Aerospace Vehicles
Sharing Remote Instruments

These and other writing projects are listed in my resume. Print copies are available upon request.