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Select Projects

Department of Justice
Grant review summary writer for annual review of applications to the Office of Violence Against Women. 2009 and 2010.

Value-Based Cancer Care
Freelance contributer to monthly publication that explores the intersection of cost, value, access, and outcomes for cancer therapies through news reporting and commentaries.

NASA Headquarters, Washington DC
Freelance Writer for articles on achievements by graduates of the Leadership Development Program and articles on everyday applications of NASA-developed technologies for the Office of Strategic Communications. April 2007 through completion of contract October 2008.

ER One Institute, Washington Hospital Center
Freelance Medical Writer/Editor for online and print materials for Hospital Disaster Life Support training and Mass Casualty Incident management, including copy editing and photo acquisition and permissions for 250-page textbook on Hospital Emergency Management. 2005 through March 2008.
Freelance Web Content Producer for major revision of public information site sponsored by the American Society for Microbiology. Content development, photo acquisition, writing, editing, updating and uploading HTML files to server, search engine optimization, Web promotion and marketing. April 2002 through 2004.

Maryland Public Television
Freelance Web production for companion site to Newsnight Maryland, a live nightly news and public affairs show.

Summaries of feature and newsmaker stories; research of related links and resources, fact sidebars; HTML coding; photo production and illustration. April 2000 to show's cancellation June 2001. Screen shots available; Sample stories in Writing section.
Content, reporting and writing for alternative health and integrative medicine information Web site. March 2000 to site's end in January 2001. Screen shots available.

International Cancer Information Center
Content revision and reorganization of Web site. Live February 1998 to February 2000, when integrated into a National Cancer Institute-wide site. Screen shots available.

A Guide to Alternative Medicine: Ancient and Modern Therapies to Expand Your Medical Horizons
Research and writing of 18 chapters on alternative therapies ranging from acupuncture to yoga for mass-market hardback published in 1997. Publications International, Ltd.

Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS
Minutes and on-site assistance in writing recommendations to President on national AIDS policy. 1995 and 1996.

Executive Office of the President
Office of Science and Technology Policy
National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications

Sole source public information contract for $1 billion per year multiagency White House initiative for high performance computing and communications, including the circa 1993 "Information Superhighway."

Speech writing, preparation of Congressional testimony, fact sheets, news releases, editing and writing for annual report and other publications. Response to inquiries from public, Congress, media, industry, and academia; and participation in editorial advisory group on government standards for the Web. January 1993 through September 1994. See Writing section for links to online samples.

NIH Office of Alternative Medicine
Chapters on databases and information dissemination, and structural and energetic therapies in report to Congress, 1992 and 1993.

National Institutes of Health, Office of the Director
Summaries from regional and Washington meetings on NIH's Strategic Plan, 1992.

Medical World News
Contributing Editor, freelance writer, June 1991 through 1993.

American Society for Microbiology News
Feature and news articles, 1987 through 1993.

Medical Tribune and the daily Medical Tribune Wire Service
Freelance writer, 1989 through 1993.

AIDS update, Washington DC
Editor. Planned and implemented weekly for AIDS researchers and key policy makers. October 1986 to August 1990.

Freelance contributor to:
O'Connor & Hannan Report From Washington, HUMAwatch '92 (Tokyo), International Medical News Group, Medical Research Funding News.

Editing and Writing Clients:
Genentech, Inc., the International Life Sciences Institute, Social & Scientific Systems, Tascon, and United Information Systems.


Corcoran School of Art, Washington DC. Certificate in Computer Graphics.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver. W.R.I.T.E. (Writers' Retreat on Interactive Technology and Equipment) program.

University of Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia. Bachelor's of Journalism.